Tax law firm in Nice

With the benefit of over 15 years’ experience in tax law, the human-sized firm run by Emmanuel Mundet, a tax lawyer in Nice, provides assistance in tax inspections and tax proceedings. In addition to those services, the tax law firm can respond to queries from individuals and business owners about tax planning and wealth management

In particular it can help its clients in procedures to regularise accounts held abroad.

The firm, which is based in Nice, focuses its work on tax law, advises businesses and individuals and defends their interests before the courts and arbitration tribunals.

The most notable feature of Emmanuel MUNDET, a tax lawyer (avocat) called to the Nice Bar in January 2001, is that he always works with a view to an effective outcome for his client.

When you visit him, he always bears in mind that a good settlement is better than a bad court case. That willingness to get along and that concern to arbitrate make him a valuable person who is indeed able to advise you, but can also defend you in all situations, assert your rights and represent you before courts of all kinds.

Tax lawyer in Nice

Emmanuel MUNDET, tax lawyer:

  • Avocat at the Nice Bar since January 2001
  • Doctor of law – Thesis: “The tax regime for indirect transfers of profits to other countries”
  • DEA(Advanced Studies Diploma) “IT and Law”
  • Masters degree in business law
  • Masters degree for the judicial profession
  • Bachelor’s degree in private law

Public and private undertakings, insurance companies, banks, industrialists, service providers, individuals and others show their trust in him by revealing their projects to him and bringing their disputes to him.