Legal firm specializing in tax law

Since setting up his firm, Emmanuel MUNDET, a tax lawyer in Nice, has advised his clients on their operational choices and strategic decisions, has been there for them both in times of economic difficulty and in their aims for growth and development, and has defended them in tax proceedings.

Definition of tax law

Tax law is divided into two main areas: advising professional and business people and individuals and conducting litigation against the tax authorities.


Advising on tax law

  • Advice on regularising accounts held abroad
  • Advice on the tax consequences
  • Of the choice of legal structures (taxation of commercial, professional, agricultural and craft businesses, etc.)
  • Business restructuring (mergers, demergers, contributions of assets, holding companies, tax consolidation, etc.)
  • Conducting tax litigation before administrative tribunals and the courts
  • Advising on the preparation of tax declarations
  • Calculating results for tax purposes
  • Tax audits (tax law for businesses, associations, etc.)
  • Tax opinions in all fields
  • Income taxes
  • Wealth Tax (Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune) (ISF)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • The “bouclier fiscal” tax cap (“tax shield”)
  • Direct taxes
  • Local taxes
  • Registration fees
  • Inheritance, gifts, etc.
  • Assistance in relation to tax inspections, monitoring of procedures and proceedings

Representing you and defending your interests before:

  • The courts:
  • The Regional Court (Tribunal de Grande Instance) (TGI)
  • The Court of Appeal
  • Administrative tribunals:
    – The Administrative Court (Tribunal Administratif)
    – The Administrative Court of Appeal (Cour Administrative d’Appel)
  1. Mundet, tax lawyer

Emmanuel MUNDET, Doctor in law, practises in Nice in all fields of tax law, which is his specialism. His experience in court proceedings has led him to believe that sometimes you have to be able to compromise with the tax authorities. With the benefit of his experience, he is also of the view that no case is lost in advance, which means that he is always calm, willing and perseverant in defending your interests to the maximum and arguing your defence.

At a first meeting, depending on the case you want to tell us about, we invite you to leave us the following documents:

  • Tax proceedings:all the documents sent by the tax authorities, in particular inspection notices, proposed rectifications or official assessments, notices of tax liability and any document you think is relevant, relating to the subject matter of your claim
  • Tax advice:the instruments which have been drawn up and any document which you think is relevant so that we can tell you about the rules and the tax risks of an operation you have set up or are thinking about
  • Tax declarations:all the documents needed to prepare your declaration (payslips, bank statements, balance sheets, etc.)
  • Regularisation of accounts abroad:account opening agreements, account and investment statements. etc.

To get well-informed advice and to be defended by a specialist tax lawyer,  contact Mr MUNDET.